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Social Media and SEO ..conversion is King

SEO and social media marketing services

The social media 2.0 web is a force to be reckoned no doubt, but every fortune 500 seeks the “magic word” conversion. You can, for hours tweet, twibe, digg, blip, blog your way to gaining traffic to your social network. But what about the bottom line? Social media and seo, the real truth is leveraging all the networks  into selling your service. Simply joining all these sites cannot mitigate into sales, and that  is a daunting  (and time prone) task alone. Many companies,  organizations and start ups are employing  social media marketing in house with limited/mixed results. Blogs, websites, microsites work,  but are they leveraging real results at the cost of in house employee pay scales? And is in house marketing being performed safely, responsibly.

Case in point, a new San Francisco social-SEO venture we shall  not name recently “destroyed”  a high end personal skincare product by “swamping the search engines” with re-direct sites, countless (non informative, gibberish blogs) etc,etc until, after many (expensive) months the main site was “punished” by search algorithms and went crashing to the floor, investors soured, company tanked…Too much social media too soon can hurt.

One the other end of the  scale,  the “tried and true method” of organic seo, pay per click, etc is being put in a tight corner. The truth as told all over the internet keeps flowing moving and anyone stagnant will get left behind. The old axioms of commerce will not hold as social media dominates it’s way. Television (hulu) telephone (skype) and anything to do with technology is spinning up fast (did I mention television/cable TV/ radio/print) all are falling by the wayside. We (you ) cannot go back. Traditional SEO without the help of the social networks could end up as popular as….Print.

So what do we do?  One on one co-ordination developing a program of “your information” of  “keyword tiers“, content management and timed placement, stop loss help with reviews  un-stellar  press and general “web issues”. We also optimize and or produce media/video/play list/pdf/image for promotion and have a proven track record with our approach.

Social Media to SEO based in Los Angeles has a vested interest in you as a client. We are obsessed with this stuff and love to see your services rise to the potential your business deserves.  Our approach is a hybrid ‘”clean but fast visibility” we want you to see results surprisingly soon, yet avoid the overkill over hyped pitch people and the search engines hate.  Traditional SEO will always have it’s place, but the 2.0 savvy web business can see the way the future lays, synchronicity of both search optimization and the social network presence is a …. well here’s a post from our pals @ mashable


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