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Google or facebook where do you want to be seen?

Easy isn’t it! Got to be google. Social media like facebook that portrays search optimization yet does not, presents special problems for business ROI and resources. Our model is if the social network does not directly help in real search (google,yahoo,bing) it is of little value. Internet marketers who try to coax clients into investing within the likes of facebook are not optimizing social media, they are paying for it like pay per click. Exceptions; software, games, farmville other social networking sites, social media marketing businesses and any (non geographical based service) may sell on facebook advertising, pages, groups, blogs,etc. However any geographical local search or professional based company corporation or business is still (and for all accounts user search-able on the index engines) in need of traditional search engine optimization.

Social Media Marketing: Strategien für Twitter...

If you are currently using social media services, a company, firm or your own in house marketing, you need to be aware of what works and what does not. Just ask yourself, if I need an attorney, plastic surgeon, medical services,cosmetic dentistry, lasik eye doctor, real estate agent or any professional internet business am I going to look on facebook or google!

The blogs below state the facebook google situation, however in this war between facebook-bing-yahoo vs google the answer is quite simple. seo and social media needs to be utilized to be found in google not the other way round.

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