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Google Places and Local Search Engine Marketing

Local Search Engine Marketing


Our local search engine marketing company in Los Angeles optimizes websites for “Google places search indexing”  By using local citations, social media, local listing and review websites. Local web listings such as Yelp, Foursquare, Yahoo, Bing and Google places should be first criteria for your local SEO strategy. Local search engine marketing services can promote your business online faster by utilizing locality to leverage online queries to your door with local SEO. We can laser focus local search marketing strategies to specific regions of metro Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas or any city town or place. Our Los Angeles local search marketing company applies cost effective SEO which means less reliance on thousands of questionable back links and allows for natural organic long term search engine optimization.

Local search marketing SEO optimization

The optimization strategy in local search marketing is as complex as SEO (search engine optimization) yet can be managed without the using HTML code, back links or tags. Why? Local search engine marketing benefits Google ,Yahoo and Bing as most searches for professional medical services, cosmetic dentists,  plastic surgeons, car dealerships, travel services searches are primarily local.  Example: Marketing in Los Angeles would need the geographical location in any SEO scenario to rank. What social network will optimize my website? Twitter local trending sources for a start, Facebook? Actually not so much, facebook is better for “monitoring groups, pages, questions for possible client leads, Facebook  however will affect Bing, Yahoo ranking. Count on spending four to six hours a day monitoring facebook for leads (we do) The main focus should be on social sites that show up in local searches. Local Los Angeles social media sites like yelp, citysearch, local, etc need to be search engine optimized to work efficiently.

Local search engine marketing with social media

The social networks are striving for a global community yet local search engine marketing is the business model to embrace.  We believe social media that does not transmit to local search engines SEO for business is not the way to go. Social media that works with local searches thankfully does include twitter, facebook however is not the major factor in city searches at all. Facebook optimization to city locations and local searches is not that evident in Google. Why, well facebook’s power as a social website is enormous. Google must put the brakes on facebook pages as they would mainly index in a search.  Google also is leveraging it’s own social media sources to include (not compete with it’s service)  Local based social media sites such as yelp get more attention from search engines as the city, town, state is clearly defined within the social website.

Google Local Search Engine Marketing Strategy                           

Defining a local marketer profile is the starting basis to local search marketing. Email profiles are the first source of knowledge Google search engine has about you and what you do. What exactly does that mean? It means everything from your email handle to titles of your emails are of coarse read by search engines and create a loosely based user profile. All social media profiles are then established at a users rate of “good language practices”  This is only a marker for local search engines but as content is added to a social media profile from an email account the “qualification factor” in what is the social media profile projecting. Example google marketing: If a business person begins to post family stories or random personal information on a business based social media accounts the site loses traction and authority. It only makes sense, if you are marketing local services and tweet about the Los Angeles Dodgers, somethings gotta give. Contact us If you want to see live examples of our seo social media service optimizing local search marketing.

Search engine marketing Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles social media marketing services optimizes websites seo, social media sites, blogs, twitter, youtube, facebook, yelp, foursquare and other local marketing search sites to get real client leads in your vicinity. Serving greater local Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Burbank, Glendale, Santa Monica, Century City, doctors, attorneys, lawyers, law firms, travel service, brands, medical services, with our expertise in Local Search marketing and search engine optimization.

Local search marketing

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