Public Relations Companies Pay Our Agency for Marketing & SEO….


It is a fact that most major public relations firms are not web savvy and work within the business online promoting “social media”. Getting likes, and tweeting is nice, but how about making a disruptive impact within your industry?

Many Los Angeles public relations agencies pay us to do 99% of the online heavy lifting and consulting work! How does that happen that WE advise their clients how to grow you may wonder?

Well, apart from online press releases, what do most of the PR firms actually do for the high fees that they charge? Unless they are personally plugged into the niche networks that are specific to say the film industry or the fashion business you may be paying “the middle man”.

Modern social media and PR does not mean just posting a tweet or managing a Facebook page, it means getting the RAW numbers of relevant customers to see your brand, name or business everyday..


Public relations marketing: Reputation management is ALL about the internet


If you think your public relations company is proficient as a reputation management services, think again, because they hire companies like us to do the work. You may ask, why should I work with a direct reputation management company and not my PR firm?

  1. They actually get in the way of what the client wants, the bad stuff to disappear…!   The public relations industry has changed in as much as it is “acting like an SEO, reputation management company” but has no idea what to do. In hiring a local digital agency like our, PR firms often “make demands” based on their opinion “not fixing the clients problem” but, justifying an ego and a paycheck.
  2. The money: If you enjoy paying your public relations company instead of dealing direct, who are we to argue?
  3. Full online internet marketing services: Did you know that the “healing process” for reputation management includes “getting new business”?  What does that mean? If people type in your name or your company, isn’t that a great platform to pitch them something. In removing all the ” bad stuff” why not replace it with revamping your sales, hits, new clients? Every PR firm we have dealt with comes up with every excuse in the world NOT to bring this up to the client, why. Because they want to bill the client separately for even 5% of REAL advertising while performing reputation management. This actually hurts the online reputation campaign but they don’t care!


Public Relations Marketing

The bottom line is we help clients direct and know what we are doing. We have worked in the Hollywood entertainment industry, the healthcare industry for doctors, plastic surgeons, chiropractors, LASIK surgeons, automotive sales, real estate management, financial markets, online merchant products, local services, you name it.


We work within your companies budget and over deliver on every aspect of public relations and online management with marketing attached!