Online Reputation Management the Black Hole of Business

Many businesses call us “months or years” after the fact of a bad online reputation issue and we are always amazed? Do you realize with the internet on 24/7/365 you are losing potential clients, daily, weekly and maybe FOREVER! Find out why using social media might be the WORST thing you can do for your online reputation!

We have worked in reputation management in entertainment, healthcare, finance, insurance and almost every high end search for big businesses. We have consulted with clients live directly “in the courtroom” in some really horrendous reputation issues involving competitors. Let us “resurrect” your good name with a combinational approach of “pushing down the bad stuff” while bringing in new business!

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Our strategy is to work directly with clients in providing new business searches with dedicated contact AND push the bad away. In this you are actually getting SEO AND reputation management, but ironically, this is really the best approach!



You can try this yourself, bur here is the caveat: If you are not A/B testing and monitoring the whole ocean of events, you could make things worse! How so? For starters most “social media mavens” think you just need to cover up the bad reviews, testimonials, articles, blogs, news releases with social media, right! Wrong! We have seen time and time again when you create an “open forum” you are potentially inviting the same trouble, links to the bad stuff,or worse!


Social Media for reputation management the “open forum” problem…

Focusing only on social media for reputation management is often the most simplistic misguided approach to fixing reputation management problems, and it might just open a new can of worms!  It creates an open space where competitors, bad reviewers and ANYONE can say anything before you have ” reset the clock” about your company.

Contact us for a free consultation about your reputation management and online review issues, We will advise accordingly, but know this,. It is probably one of the most “slippery slope” of all things to fix yourself on the internet…..